As a former elementary school teacher, I care deeply about the lives of young children. I believe that education and healthcare are two of the biggest challenges facing our children. This case study focuses on the healthcare challenge.

Since 2010, has helped over 15,000 patients raise access healthcare for critical illnesses by raising over $70M. has now grown to become the largest crowdfunding platform in Singapore. Looking to continue its success, the team has constantly experimented with new products that could help more healthcare patients.

This case study dives into my initial pitch to the team and…


COVID-19 has dramatically altered the business landscape for non-profits. Giving to charitable organizations went down by 6% in the first quarter of 2020 compared to the same time last year; if this trend continues for the rest of the year, Giving USA estimates that non-profit revenues will drop by $25 billion.

Hyepin Im (left), founder and CEO of FACE, featured with former President Barack Obama and President elect Joe Biden. FACE is an advocacy non-profit that promotes community collaboration amongst faith leaders and marginalized communities.

Faith and Community Empowerment (“FACE”) is an advocacy non-profit based in Los Angeles that promotes community collaboration amongst faith leaders and marginalized communities. FACE saw a huge drop in fundraising revenues during the pandemic because its funding primarily came from government grants (80%) and corporate social responsibility funds (15%)…

The COVID-19 pandemic caused the worst-ever global recession since World War II. Consequently, the usage of crowdfunding platforms to fundraise for emergency needs skyrocketed during COVID-19.

Unfortunately, the number of fraudulent fundraisers also grew with the number of new campaigns. Earning the trust of donors is crucial to the sustainable growth of crowdfunding platforms. is Singapore’s largest crowdfunding platform for social causes. has made earning the trust of donors by a high priority because the lack of trust is the #1 reason why people do not donate to charities,

Credibility can be segmented into platform (overall site) and…

Hannah Kim

Multi-lingual product designer with a passion for creating impactful business solutions.

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